Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Get ready for the 7th Annual Lake Wallace Cleanup!

Mark your calendars for the morning of Saturday, September 24, put on your grubbiest clothes and get ready to get dirty!

Ecomentors, in conjunction with UMass' Mass Impact 2016, will be conducting the cleanup inspired by the Connecticut River Watershed Councils' Source-to-Sea Cleanup.  You'll be part of a cast of thousands up and down the Connecticut River putting in time, muscle-power and smiles to making the world a better place, one DD cup at a time!

Meet at the picnic tables by the lake on Foley Field at 8am, don some gloves (and maybe waders) and pick your mission.  We'll be doing trash pickup along (and in) the edges of the lake, as well as trail maintenance along the loop trail.

CRWC is also holding a photo contest, so selfie-away ... the more mud the better!

Hard Work, Real Fun, True Impact! (CRWC)

register at
and contact MsLevy to get on the roster and for more information

Monday, June 13, 2016

Prep for the Arthropods Unit Test

See the assignment with links to the pages on the Ecology page .... to the right

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2014 - 2015 ... What a long winter!!

Doves in snow

Downy and Carolina share ... sort of

chipmunk tracks

squirrel tracks

Fox tracks ... notice the perfect "registration" on the straight-line tracks

The Fox stopped to check something out under the shrub

is it a squirrel or a meatloaf?

vole tracks, revealed by the melt
and, not surprisingly, when it came out to grab some seeds, it squeaked and ran back into the tunnels!