Monday, February 3, 2014


Woodland Ecology dives into the qualities and characteristics of apples, to discover the family history of those apples ... Fuji, Braeburn, Empire, Macoun, MacIntosh, Granny Smith.

Apple Art

Swift River Puddle ... report to be published in March 2014

Life on Earth students tackled the question of whether we could use our finely honed aquatic sampling techniques to answer a question on everyone's minds ... is that puddle breeding mosquitoes?

Geared up and ready to explore

Ladies and waders

The competition is fierce for the title "Animal Whisperer"

Ready to do some first rate sampling

Ms. Vigneux stops by to get the "scoop" on the puddle

couldn't resist, could you?!

It's all about who gets to use the waders!!

Ecology and Clark's class get together

... for a lesson on leaves and ...
A meeting of the minds, under the SRE pavillion ... why do trees need their leaves?

Which branch is Oak? Which is Maple? ... voting with our feet

... a rousing game of Oak-Oak-Maple
Oak, oak, oak, oak, oak, oak ... 

... MAPLE!!

run, Sam, run!

Fun in the sun on a September afternoon

Biology students explore the Belchertown Experimental Forest

In the waning days of October, students go in search of biotic and abiotic data at the BHS pond and in "Narnia"
Result?  Lots of diversity in both locations, each with a different flavor.

Tadpole visits room 111