Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Life on Earth explores the SRE puddle once again

For the second year, Life on Earth has asked the question, is the SRE puddle a mosquito-breeding pool or a healthy, high-diversity habitat?

Gearing up for a wet meadow

making sure all of the equipment is working

The first brave souls set out to find the puddle

and the next set join them ... hmmm, no waders?

... ok, now it's getting down-right crowded out there

and what did we find?  No open water at all.  I guess August and September really were very dry!

Recording that essential weather data

The survey crew measuring the lay of the land

A brave soul returns with what little bit of mud there was to sample

Data collection, complete

And sure enough, there are critters in that mud!

Tadpoles, giant water bugs, and a few tiny critters

How do you define dry?

And yet, there were tadpoles hanging on in the tiniest pools of water!

Sure, it might look like a meadow from afar
but the data suggest water

...and close up, those cattails signal water for sure

Now, back to the classroom to prepare to share our findings!

Ecomentors in September

Fueling up before heading out on our excursion

Salamander ... check out the external gills

One perky little snapping turtle

And what kind of fish is that?

 ... it certainly has big eyes!

some lovely leeches

and a terrestrial salamander

dragonfly larva exuvia all over the place!

and sometimes, we get a visit from bugs that live out of the water

A beautiful September day

Doing right by the critters, and getting them back into the water ... Good job scientists!

Levy helps out at the Boston Children's Museum

What a treat!  Thanks to Teaching Creatures and my good friend Rae.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lake Wallace Clean-up ... our 5th Annual!

 Come join the Ecomentors Club and BPS Teachers
              on Saturday, Sept 27, 9am-noon

This little guy is depending on us

Hmm, keep finding owl pellets on this rock

Trail maintenance includes cleaning up the old skimobile bridge

Meet us down by the picnic tables on Foley Field* at 9am
If you can’t make it at 9… come when you can!
*Foley Field = take the driveway past the Belchertown Police Station and keep swinging around to your left.  Park in front of the old school building "Tadgell" and walk along the road to the fields.  We're across the other side, past the pines, down by the water.

Help with trail maintenance, trash pick-up and a little bit of science

Wear gloves and comfortable shoes that can get (very) dirty. 

Adults: bring some yard gear … clippers, rakes, shovels, etc.

For more info  
contact Ms.Levy  llevy@belchertown.org

or leave a message  323-9419  x2111

Be proud!  You'll be joining thousands of volunteers along the entire stretch of the Connecticut River and its tributaries
for more info: