Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Source-to-Sea cleanup

Once again, BEST of Lake Wallace participated in the Connecticut River Watershed Council's Source-to-Sea cleanup on Saturday, September 29, 2012.  This was our 3rd year doing our little part for this massive, watershed-wide effort, spanning the length of the Connecticut River - joining hundreds (thousands?) of participants in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

3 volunteers, the coordinator, and a couple of sidewalk-supervisors after a successful clean-up

The Lake Wallace area, the Lampson Watershed, may be one of the smallest in the state, but school groups and volunteers in this year's cleanup all agree ... it's one of the best quality habitats around.

Special kudo's go out to Rob Opalenik and the crew of the Belchertown Recreation Department for their fabulous maintenance of the Foley Field area!  We found very little trash ... great job of keeping the place clean and safe for all of the Lake Wallace wildlife!!

Scouring the shoreline and exploring at the same time!

Now, that really isn't much trash! (and, yes, that is a thoroughly decayed jacket and pair of very old polyester pants we found in the swamp!)

Ms. Levy sends a heartfelt "THANK YOU!!" to everyone who participated!

So, set aside some time for the next clean-up and trail maintenance  (date to be announced) and plan to join us next year. (usually the last Saturday in Sept or first in Oct)

For more information about the Connecticut River Watershed Council and the big Trash Tally for this year, go to 

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