Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beauty and Biodiversity of Belchertown deadline has been extended!!

Now you have until Friday, May 4th to get your submissions to MsLevy at the High School!

Beautifying BHS

Planting bulbs in front of BHS

Early April 2012
Spring has sprung!!  (yes, that's MsVigneux in the background)

Special thanks to the BHS Student Council for funding this campus beautification project

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Beauty and Biodiversity of Belchertown

Artists!  Poets!  Photographers!

Submit your best work for the springtime exhibition …
The Beauty and Biodiversity of Belchertown!

Hey!  You live in a great town!!  BEST (Belchertown Environment, Science and Technology) invites you to celebrate our landscapes, natural history, and the fantastic variety of life that shares this great town with us!  Draw, paint, print, create, write, photograph, and share!!  The exhibition will feature your work in free-standing “notebooks” at the Clapp Memorial Library, school libraries and other prominent places around town. 

Choose your favorite spot then …
·        Photograph, draw, or paint a landscape and name the season
·        Get up close and personal with the plants, land or water animals or fungi or algae, (even soil, bark, stones, lichens, and fallen leaves are fair game!), draw a still life or scientific illustration and name it
·        Create a fanciful illustration inspired by the life around you… and name it
·        Sit in a quiet space and write a poem.  Include some words describing the habitat, landscape, plants, or animals that make Belchertown a great place to live and explore

Submission guidelines:
1-      All submissions must be the original work of Belchertown Public Schools students, and appropriate for public display
2-      All submissions must be sized to fit in a 8½ ” x 11” notebook, portrait, no more than ¼’ relief
3-      All work must be submitted by April 30th, 2012
4-      Sign the work, and on the back or on an index card, include your full name, age, school, grade, and your teacher(if you’re an elementary student) and an “artists statement”
5-      Be sure to identify where in Belchertown you got the inspiration to compose your work
6-      Submissions might not be returned to the student – produce a copy if it’s precious to you!!

Let’s get the word out about the beauty that surrounds us (supported by the Toyota Tapestry grant, Belchertown Biodiversity … Let’s Get Outside!!).  Just bring your work directly to MsLevy at the high school or to your schools’ Library/Media Specialist.  You've started here at the BEST blog ... for more information, contact MsLevy, your art teacher or librarian.