Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kid-to-Teen Ecomentors Club Meeting announcement!

and First of the year event

To the Eco-minded BPS student (and your parent/guardian):

Once again we’d like you to be part of  Kid-to-Teen Ecomentoring events after school at Lake Wallace.  There will be a meeting on Wednesday, September 5th in Belchertown High School, Room 127at 2:30 for HS/Middle school student and 3:30 for Elementary students and Parents/Guardians.   Come be part of this great new tradition of Science in the BPS Schools and contribute to your community at the same time!  (If you can’t make the meeting, email MsLevy)

The Kid-to-Teen Ecomentors Club is all about developing your sense of place … where you live … and getting everyone excited about doing science outside.  Keep your eyes peeled for the feature article soon to appear in the Springfield Republican.  You can look forward to more activities to come this school year, with opportunities for high school interns (as well as being an impressive item to add to your resume or activities sheet).

Become part of a team – one elementary Kid and one Middle/High school Teen – the Kid is the one in charge.  We’ll enroll 30 Kids and 20 Teens to make these events great.  The first excursion is planned for September 27th and the next one October 25th  We’ll survey the area around Foley Fields, continuing to identify trees and cataloging the biodiversity of the little gem that is Lake Wallace, and use GPS and other tools to measure and map and do some sketching for display at the Belchertown Fair.  It is leaf-peeping season, after all!!  Hopefully, we’ll have time to scoop and sample the life in the water, too… collecting data for Science!

Come to the meeting and fill out and return the signed application to MsLevy at the High School by Thursday Sept 20th , and have your parent/guardian email MsLevy at  to confirm that you wish to join us on Sept 27th.  Be sure to look for the email confirming your registration.  If your parent/guardian has questions, they can look for a quick description and past activities at  or call MsLevy at the High School at 323-9419  and leave a message at extension 2127.  On event days, BHS students will walk and help pick up the Kids at Swift River and Chestnut Hill. JBMS students, take the bus to the Teen Center (check in your office for which bus to take and when).

Louise Levy
 Advisor – Kid-to-Teen Ecomentors Club
 BHS Science    323-9419  x2127