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Mastery Learning ... earning back points on assignments
In order to receive this credit, you are to complete the following on a clean sheet of paper, stapled to the front of the original… 
1) State the new score you anticipate on the assignment.
2) Rewrite the original question.
3) Reflection:  Explain the mistakes you made or the misunderstanding you had when answering the question initially.  The reflections must be thoughtful, complete and concise.
4) Re-answer the question or re-work the problem, explaining your correct answer fully.  If the problem is mathematical, show all steps.
5) Repeat steps 2-4 for each question on which you wish to earn back points
The packet must be handed in on or before the third class meeting after the assignment was passed back to the class.

Natural Selection Lab grading rubric  … 
Q: How did the hunting style of the red-tailed hawk cause the proportions of light and dark rabbits to change?

·        dark beans increased generation to generation because not as many were eaten by the hawks
·        dark rabbits were camouflaged and hawks were better at catching light rabbits
·        this activity was a model!  the beans were not rabbits, you were not a hawk

·        adaptation … fitness: survive to reproduce
·        natural selection definition
·        only the ones that survive reproduce the next generation

·        graph trends
·        changes in %’s , total and over the generations

Error Honesty:
·        real errors in procedure
·        not “our hypothesis was wrong” … that’s results, not an error!!

Next Questions
·        you are the scientist … what would you ask next?

Convincing … truly

Vocab … see below

Logical flow/conventions … it’s a paragraph with a point, it uses English conventions and it makes sense

 … a conclusion that is written in your own words and fully meets all of the criteria is in the running to earn in the A-range.  The quality of your writing, a concise and direct treatment of the question, and “the beauty of the language” is what puts you on track to earn the maximum points (A+=40pts).

Unit I.The Practice of Science
Basic level of understanding includes …
  • Definition and construction of a hypothesis
  • Theory as explanation
  • Design of a controlled experiment
  • Distinguish dependent from independent variable in a controlled experiment
  • Qualities of reliable data
Proficient level of understanding includes all above, plus…
  • The perspective/gestalt of science research
  • The vital role of objective observation in collecting reliable data
  • Graphing: Independent and dependent variables on correct axes, labels & units, setting appropriate axis-scales
  • The utility of well-designed models
  • The 4 qualities of reliable research: replicable, falsifiable, precise, straightforward
  • Distinction between precision and accuracy
  • The most reliable theories are solidly supported by experimental results from 3+ branches of a science
  • Reliable science uses logic to analyze results and meticulously links cause and effect to describe relationships
  • Occam’s razor:  All else being held equal, the simplest explanation is usually correct
  • Bias:  the natural human tendency to wish for desired outcomes, overcome by conducting experiments rigorously and analyzing results honestly