Lake Wallace and Community from above

Also, feel free to check out a slightly better resolution image on the Photos page of the BPS website, Community tab, Foley Field/Lake Wallace page

Lake Wallace in the Community

Right over there, by the Swamp Bridge, the Ecomentors discovered a "swamped bridge" in October '11.  Our resident beaver, hard at work, put the bridge under from 5cm to 57 cm of water at its deepest point.  The adjacent low-lying area was 87cm under the water.

The intrepid scientists put on their boots and waders, got those measurements, then did some serious bridge building to re-connect the "Loop" trail into a loop.  There was mud, but there were smiles.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately) it was too much fun to even consider taking the camera out for pix!!

After the spillway work in December, the Swamp Bridge became passable, though the adjacent area just south of the bridge remains wet and muddy.  Careful if you're "looping"!!

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