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Welcome to Woodland/Honors Ecology  with MsLevy

Our textbook is Oxford Press' Sustaining Life:  How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity, edited by Eric Chivian of Harvard University's Center for Health and the Global Environment
For information  http://chge.med.harvard.edu/index.html  and go to Classroom Education

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates ... tell you what you need to know about water quality!

Study up on and Quiz yourself on the following: 
1-Odonata:  dragonfly larva vs damselfly larva
2-Mayfly larva
3- Predaceous Diving Beetle larva
4-Dobsonfly larva (Hellgrammite) or Stonefly larva
5-Mosquito larva
8-Snail, mud or rams horn
9-Fingernail clam
10-Tadpole vs Salamander larva

6-Parmecium or Vorticella or Rotifer

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates … Biotic Index of Water Quality  links

1- Virtual Pond Dip

2- Benthic Macroinvertebrate Portal – High School

3- Life Beneath Still Waters

4- NY DEC Freshwater Macroinvertebrates of NY

5- Molecular Expressions: Pond Life

Woodland Ecology 2
Final Exam Review WS key

1.      a) classification 
b) living 
c) species 
d) kingdoms 
e) prokaryotic, eukaryotic 
f) Archea, Eubacteria 
g) single 
h) Protista 
i) Plantae, producers
 j) Fungi, decomposers
      k) Animals

2.      a) chordates  
b) spinal cord, land

3.      a) jawless (Agnatha) 
b) chondrichtheyes 
d) depth, salt-content

4.      a) Anura 
d) two
e) egg production , parenting 
f) front 

5.      a) terrestrial 
b) to the lungs 
c) smell, infrared 
d) temperature, water

6.      a)1. dinosaurs 
2. hollow
            3. aerodynamic 
4. amniotic  
b)1. mammary
 2. internally, lots 
 3. platypus, opossum

7.      a)land, water 
c) insect 
d) thrive

8.      a) realms 
b) producers 
c) insurance 
d)difficult, impossible 
e) dead zones, oxygen 

9.      a)overwinter
      b) cold bank 
c) puffy
 d) Maples 
e) Oaks 
f) same time, pass through, come back

10. a) environment, place, community 
b) diversity 
c) imagination & investigation

11. a) unique, visiting 
c) animals 
d)edges, more

12. a) threatened, extirpated
 b) Massachusetts 
c)preserve, stewardship 
d) “message”

Sustainability Project: EcoGrant conference/competition
for additional info to use in your Elevator speech...
go to http://www.ecotippingpoints.org/index.html
and do a Search for the area/town/city and country of your project

Endangered Species - Public Service Message
Start (to pick a species) at

Honors Option for Woodland Ecology
1st set of instructions … more to come
let me know by Wednesday, September 11th

Each quarter there will be …
Term Assignment: you can skip or be excused from 2 homework assignments in order to be sure you have enough time to complete the Term Assignment
Honors questions for Reading Guide or more in-depth article for Reading
An Honors section for each unit exam/test
Leadership: you act as a leader in your class, modeling positive, engaged participation in group and class activities, making yourself useful in managing our BLG data and setting up/breaking down activities that involve materials

Term 1 Term Assignment:  Habitat
Prepare a 10 minute presentation with visuals, either electronic or poster-board, to 
teach the class about a Belchertown habitat

Term 2 Term Assignment:  Individual projects
Propose a project that has the potential to be shared with or involves community participation… BHS, the elementary schools, or beyond.  Select one project from those offered on the Honors cards, or come up with your own idea.  Submit the proposal by the 2nd week of the term … must be approved before you begin.