Friday, November 25, 2011

Kid to Teen November 16 Wet and FUN!

The intrepid explorers once again braved the elements (40 and raining) to sample the life in Lake Wallace.  We also piloted the new Spark data collection devices in the field.   ...   We got soaked and we had FUN!

Next ...  December 7   3-5pm ... Landscapes and Trees in Winter.  Contact MsLevy to register!

Kids finding that Lake Wallace critters don't mind the rain!

Red spotted newt aquatic adult

Teens take aquatic sampling literally
Kids and Sparks collecting data

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bulbs at BHS!

Muscles and shovels are needed to plant tulip and narcissus bulbs in front of BHS next week!

Keep checking here for the date and let MsLevy know if you will be available to help out for this (first of many) beautification projects.  We want some color by the schools' entrance come Graduation Day!!!

Kid to Teen Ecomentors ... Nov 16 and Dec 7

We had a great time in October, checking out the hardy damselfly and mayfly larva, and constructing a log-bridge over the flooded area below Rte 202!  Mud was the fashion of the day!!

Lake Wallace as Winter approaches ...

Wear waterproof boots and come dressed for the weather … we’ll go snow or shine!  As the winter season descends upon us, we’ll be admiring the landscape and checking out what’s happening in the water.  Who’s still with us and active, who’s gone dormant for the cold season?  We’ll take some time to sketch landscapes and continue the work started by the BHS and CHCS science students measuring and mapping the trees.  Beyond that, we’ll be checking out the changes the winter brings, looking for signs of life in the woodland in tracks and scat, and reading the stories the trees have to tell us.

Pick up the note and permission slips from MsLevy in Room 127 at the High School, or from the contact person at your school  ... Mrs. Butler, Mr.Clark, Mr.Greene, or Ms.Brunelle ... they should have the paperwork sometime on Tuesday, Nov 8.  Parents/Guardians of Elementary students should be sure to follow your schools' policy on dismissing your child!

So, let's get out there and be hardy, celebrate New England outdoors in the winter!

Halloween Nor'easter

What a week!  I believe many of us share the sentiment that we are glad to get back to a "normal" existence after the travails of this week.

The unusual weather may not have been much of an issue 50 years ago... at this point in the year, most of the leaves would have fallen off the trees.  But, with an unusually wet fall and warm temperatures, the trees were either stressed or did not yet get the cue to turn colors or both.  It was a frightening combination that all of us are likely to remember for a long time!!

for context, check out Yankee magazines article